Sci-Fi Model Starter Pack 2.0

Gumroad link:

Story Behind:

At Black Chilla Studio in our free time we are developing project which we call “Deadalus 001”. It is not exactly specified what it’s going to be. At this point it’s based on creating a massive spaceship environment and in generating our own sci-fi universum. Mostly a lot of sketching, painting, writing and modeling. In all of this creation process we’re making tons of 3d modular objects. Lately We decided to share some of our work in hope that someone else shall find it useful as well. So, We’ve gathered stylistically matching models and put ‘em together into this presented model pack. As a presentation of what can be done with delivered models a short animation was created as a so called “trailer”:

General description.

“Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack 2.0” is a collection of 104 individual models that allow fast assembling of futuristic environments. Included models were meant for modular workflow in creation of sci-fi architectural structures. The main goal of this pack is to allow anybody to easily build scenes without necessity of spending hours and hours on actions like designing, sketching, modeling, baking normals and painting mask textures.

What You get:

  • 24 seamless texture pack including (Diffuse, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion, Normal and Height Maps)
  • 104 models (151 if You count different sizes) in low and high poly versions.
  • *.blend file with all ready to use models (all materials ale set up and ready to edit)
  • Unreal Engine File containing all objects load in with setup material instances for easy edit in real time
  • Diffuse Map, Writings/Symbols Map, Roughness and Normal Map  – individual for every object.
  • 4 Different masks for mixing materials: Dirt Mask, Edge Mask, Worn Mask and Dust Mask in – individual for every object.
  • 4 bonus 3d models of Huge Pillars (only meshes, no materials)


Models informations:

  • Every material in every object has non overlapping UV map that is used by all delivered textures
  • All models are saved as *.blends, *.fbx and *.obj *.Uproject files
  • All masks are saved as *.jpg in: 8192×8192, 3072×3072 and 1024×1024
  • All objects textures are saved as 4096×4096
  • No matter high/low poly – all models are made out of quads
  • High poly models have no materials/masks – they were made only for baking normals
  • All models are subdivide ready – adding subdivisions is making edges smooth without losing geometry
  • All individual *.fbx and *.obj objects have origin point set to 0,0,0
  • Objects don’t have generated lightmaps (Unreal Engine is generating ‘em good enough)
  • Textures displayed on screens in trailer are not included – these are textures from

Free object sample can be found down here:


Do you have comments, suggestions, and/or questions? Feel free to get in touch with us at

Have fun with our models. We hope You’ll find ‘em useful.


Some questions we received during last days.

  • Shall they work in game engines?

They don’t have ready lightmaps but, besides that We don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t

  • What size of textures were used in trailer?

Mostly 1k textures and 2k for some models. 3k Resolution is sufficient in most cases and 8k resolution is an overkill but, Hey! PCs are getting stronger everyday.

  • Why it’s so expensive?

Well, We compared to other model sellers over the web and We believe that it’s not that much if You consider the fact that some people are selling simple chair model for around 40$

  • Why it’s so cheap?

Those models are made mostly for Our use so, We’re not sure if anyone else will find ‘em useful in their current form. Besides We do not believe that those models are “triple-A-game-dev-huge-company-ready”

  • Why the whole ship is not presented?

Well as We wrote in description this project is in very early stage and we don’t Believe that showing it right now would be a good idea.

  • Will this model pack receive updates in future?

Yes, there are still few things we want to change and add… also We are opened for suggestions. But, at the end everything depends on its popularity.

  • Are You planning on making more packs?

Yes, we have plans for gathering few more packs but, as said in previous question it all depends on pack popularity.

Terms and Conditions of use:

As a shortcut: You can do whatever You want (commercial, personal work) except handing models over to anyone, re-seling models (even modified) or other kind of sharing it without permission. Just remember that some people lost their time and energy to create it and it would be great to respect it.

And the most important – if You make something nice with those models – please share with Us – We are curious beasts 🙂    

  • By purchasing and downloading a “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack” from Our Gumroad site you agree to the conditions listed below as an agreement between Black Chilla Design Studio and Yourself.
  • By purchasing “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack” from  Our Gumroad site you are acquiring a Single Person Use license, whether it’s personal or commercial project.
  • For commercial projects licensing when a team (multiple people) of artists is intended to use the models please contact Us first to obtain individual conditions of use.
  • You are allowed to modify or incorporate 3d models (from “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack”)  in-to your own 3d models/3d concept designs, including for use for commercial projects.
  • This is NOT an agreement of ownership.
  • This license is non-transferable.
  • You may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, lend nor transfer 3d models ( “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack”), or any copy or portion of 3d models ( “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack”), without prior written consent from Black Chilla Design Studio.
  • You may not share 3d models ( “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack”)  with other business entities (e.g. your advertising agency, dealer, subsidiary, parent company, service bureau, etc.)
  • 3d models are provided “as is”. Black Chilla Design Studio cannot warrant the performance or results You may obtain by using “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack”
  • Your license for 3d models (3d kitbash parts) models is nonreturnable and nonrefundable.
  • If you do not agree to the terms, you are not permitted to use 3d models from our  “Sci-fi 3d Model Starter Pack”